Abubakr Mohammad

Sudanese, based in the United Kingdom
Natural heritage of Sudan
BII expert in: Birds

This project is one of the potential tools used in order to envision the conservation status of Avifauna within and specific landscapes where there are human populations.

I remember meeting some hunters who were specifically hunting (any) ringed birds during their migration season in few parts in Sudan. One hunter claimed to have over 500 pieces of rings taken from birds shot by him only; all of them were doing it because they think that the metals used in birds ringing can be sold in the future. I believe that such activities directly affect (already) any ongoing and future research projects as well as the conservation status of over 15 different migratory birds’ species. Sudan is known to be one of the most active migration routes for birds from more than 3 continents including all of Africa and even more future possibilities of new migrations due to climate change. It had zero impact on the well-being of those hunters apart from having more BBQs, and savings, and a few visiting trophy hunter from time to time depending on the (season). This is one of the few definite impacts of such activities conducted by mostly local communities and tourist agencies lately. Such activities also come with gold mining inside core zones of protected areas, logging (habitat destruction), and uncontrolled agricultural activities both inside and outside national parks.

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