Addisu Mekonnen, Dr.

University of Calgary
BII expert in: Primates

Dr. Addisu Mekonnen’s research focuses on understanding the responses of wild primates to a variety of anthropogenic and natural factors and their consequences, and the causes and consequences of diversity in ecology, behaviour, genetics, evolutionary biology, and key life-history traits. My research integrates fieldwork (ecology and conservation), laboratory work (genetics), and geospatial analyses (GIS and remote sensing) to design conservation and management strategies. I conduct my research primarily in southern Ethiopia, where I am a director of the Bale Monkey and Bamboo Research Project, which is a long-term field study (15 years) in the Odobullu Forest of the Bale Mountains and two fragmented forests in the Sidamo Highlands. I also conduct other primate and wildlife research projects in Ethiopia.

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