Alexander Sliwa, Dr.

Cologne Zoo (Kölner Zoo)
BII expert in: Small carnivores

Have worked on African carnivores in the wild since 31 years for PhD and post-doc research in South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland (aardwolf, black-footed cat, African wildcat, arid habitat mongoose, mustelids, canids), a for 5 years in the Moroccan Sahara (sand cat, canids, mustelids). As a curator of two scientifically led zoos in the past 23 years I also facilitate and perform research on captive carnivores, particularly intensively for the felids (IUCN Cat SG member) and link to in-situ projects.

It has a profound impact, particularly for human-wildlife conflict species (black-backed jackal, caracal, leopard – collateral damage to smaller carnivores like black-footed cat, African wildcat, Cape fox) through indiscriminate control measures by the farming community. Overgrazing, encroachment, disturbance, termite control, direct persecution. Also the association of domestic carnivores (feral and shepherding dogs, domestic cats) with human presence – impact via disease transfer and also predation/killing.

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