Dominic Rollinson, Dr.

South Africa
Birding Ecotours
BII expert in: Birds

Although my main research interest has been seabird ornithology and conservation, nowadays I am mostly land-based where I lead birdwatching tours across the African continent and have co-authored a popular field to the birds of Southern Africa. Through the bird tours I lead and through the publication of the field guide, I enjoy contributing to the ever-increasing understanding of African biodiversity.

As a bird tour guide I spend large amounts of time out in the field which has enabled me to gain a good understanding of how birds (in particular) are impacted by changing landscapes. Perhaps the best example I can think of, is how the birds have been impacted (mostly negatively) by ever-expanding industry and increasing human presence in and around Richards Bay, in northeastern South Africa. Many of the pans and lakes in the area used to be a haven for waterfowl and other water-associated bird species however most have left in recent years.

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