Democratic Republic of the Congo
Centre de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles & Institut Superieur des Techniques Medicales
BII expert in: Bats, rodents and insectivores

I am a researcher at the CRSN/ Lwiro Mammalogy Lab in the DRC where we collaborate widely with institutions in West, Central and East Africa. I have worked on mammals (especially bats, rodents and shrews) in the Albertine Rift. I am a member of Bats Conservation Africa (BCA), a consortium on bat conservation in Africa that promotes training and youth involvement in small mammal research.

In the region we work pests and invasive species are a detriment to biodiversity by replacing native species and reducing household crop yields. Native species such as bats fertilise soil in agricultural and wild areas through their droppings and provide natural pest control for crops. Droppings are sometimes collected and used to prepare soil for cultivation. The loss of these ecosystem services due to the destruction of wild areas for agriculture or human settlement is another important problem that local governments must tackle.

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