Duncan MacFadyen, Dr.

South Africa
Oppenheimer Generations
BII expert in: Bats and rodents

Dr Duncan MacFadyen has worked as head of research and conservation for E Oppenheimer & Son and then Oppenheimer Generations since 2002. The research entity supports, funds, and facilitates national and international researchers to conduct cutting edge research focused on the natural sciences. Duncan passion for small mammals was developed through his work as curator of mammalogy at the Ditsong Museum of Natural History in Pretoria, as well as through his MSc on small mammals in the northern plains of the Kruger National Park, and PhD in small mammal ecology in the Bankenveld grasslands. Duncan’s interest includes small mammal ecology, with specific focus on South Africa bats, rodents and insectivores.

The work has focused on the impact of management, land-use, herbivory and fire on small mammal diversity, species richness and abundance in various parts of South Africa. These have resulted in various shifts in rodent populations. In some cases these impacts have positively affected species, in other cases negatively.


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