Edward Aruna

Sierra Leone
Reptile and Amphibian Program
BII expert in: Amphibians and reptiles

I am the Founder and Managing Director of Reptile and Amphibian Program – Sierra Leone (RAP-SL). I work towards the documentation, protection and conservation of reptiles and amphibians of Sierra Leone and also do take action for the protection and conservation of Sierra Leone’s biodiversity especially threatened and endangered species in the country.

Farming and mining are the key activities impacting the population of species in Sierra Leone. These activities, in combination with other human influences have resulted in habitat degradation thereby resulting in species depletion. The impact of habitat degradation and decreased species populations on human well-being is immense within the region. Most of the above activities are contributing to global warming and climate change thereby affecting the well-being of humans. The sad thing about the large scale farming and mining is that about 99% of the products are exported while locals (human and wildlife) remain to suffer the consequences of the activities.