Galena Woodhouse

United Kingdom
The Global Biodiversity Standard
BII expert in: Plants

I currently manage the Global Biodiversity Standard through BGCI. Prior to this I have worked mainly in coastal Kenya with conservation organizations, working to safeguard rare plants and develop capacity in botanical gardens to bring about conservation. I have conducted field work in highly threatened forest patches along the Kenyan Coast. The collections and surveys have shown incredible diversity persisting despite rapidly decreasing habitat.

The major impact that human activity and land use has had on the coastal flora has been loss of habitat. Burning for agriculture is one of the most directly visible as forest and individuals can be lost in moments. Logging pressure for timber and charcoal is also significant. The forests have been a key resource to local communities and this is now at a critical point of no return. This has led to the driving up of charcoal prices, loss of water towers and the traditional ways of life that go hand in had with intact forest.