Jerry Nkenku

Democratic Republic of the Congo
University of Kinshasa
BII expert in: Primates

Our research focuses on the ecology of galagos in Kinshasa. This work consists on one hand identification of the sites of occurrence of galagos in Kinshasa and on the other hand in studying their ecology in these environments dominated by strong anthropic pressure. We managed to report the presence of galagos in the urban forests of Kinshasa while everyone thought they were absent due to the strong and rapid urbanization of this city.

The city of Kinshasa faces a rapid and often uncontrolled urbanization which causes the destruction of forests for the construction of housing or by the use for various needs (firewood, agriculture, livestock) which leads to the loss of biodiversity. This uncontrolled urbanization does not always guarantee the well-being of men since it is at the base of most of the land erosion that the city of Kinshasa is experiencing today.