Jonathan Onongo

BII expert in: Birds

Jonathan is documenting the distribution and ecology of the Fox’s Weaver Uganda’s only endemic bird species and the Karamoja Apalis an East African endemic in North-eastern Uganda. His research is playing a huge role in identifying key habitats for the conservation of two globally threatened species in North-eastern Uganda, this information forms the basis of NatureUganda’s Conservation focus and actions in the region.

Grasslands were once the most widespread vegetation type in Uganda,however, large swaths of grassland have been converted into farmland and settlements, the only intact grasslands are now restricted within National Parks and Wildlife Reserves. The reduction in the size of grasslands has mostly impacted large ranging raptors such as the Martial Eagle, Bateleur and Secretary Bird. The Karamoja and Iteso of North-eastern Uganda are cattle keepers whose life revolves around their livestock, the reduction in grasslands has led to reduced pasture for their animals. The Nomadic way of life of the Karimojong for example will soon not be possible due to fragmentation of grassland habitats in the region. Without the seasonal movements especially during the dry season, to areas with good pastures the health of their cattle and subsequently their own wellbeing will be in jeopardy.

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