Sedjro G. A. Nago, Dr.

University of Parakou
BII expert in: Amphibians and reptiles

I am involved in a project which is conducting a short demographic survey of amphibian and reptile of Benin and West Africa and, a survey relating to human impacts on those African taxonomic groups. I also attended the online introductory meeting where the process is explained and the others to work together with pair experts, discuss about the project and revise the statements. The BII project aims to really advance our understanding of biodiversity loss and the linkages between biodiversity intactness and human well-being and development across the African continent. I am very pleased to be part of it.

In my fieldwork, i have noticed in Benin and around in West Africa region that human activity / land use is affecting amphibian and reptile species. This as well has impacted on the well-being of people in that region. Especially, agriculture with pesticides use, deforestation and forest degradation with selected logging reduce species population and change community composition. This habitat degradation impact soil and human health as well ; the local human population rely in fact on natural resources which suffers from different land use and landscape modification.