Webinar: Biodiversity and food security: Can we find the balance?

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Insights from the bii4africa project are presented in this Tipping Points webinar on biodiversity and food security. Hayley Clements shows how the majority of sub-Saharan Africa’s remaining biodiversity intactness occurs across it’s vast ‘working lands’ where people co-exist with and depend on biodiversity.

Webinar Speakers

André Tranquilini – Facilitator Is a biodynamic farmer, consultant and teacher. Estate manager at Waltham Place a 220 acre biodynamic estate in Berkshire. André has worked extensively as a market gardener, outdoor classroom teacher and was a founding member of the seed company Living Seeds in Portugal. André has had the opportunities to work and manage farms in Brazil, Portugal and UK. He has travelled widely teaching workshops and lecturing on Biodynamic Agriculture. Dr Hayley Clements – Panelist Dr

Hayley Clements is a researcher at the Center for Sustainability Transitions, Stellenbosch University. She is interested in understanding how biodiversity connects to human well-being, and the role of African wildlife economies in achieving just and sustainable development. Hayley is currently leading a project that is bringing together over 200 experts in African biodiversity, to produce a Biodiversity Intactness Index that monitors how much biodiversity remains intact in the face of human pressures across the continent (https://bii4africa.org/).

Fazlur Pandor – Panelist Fazlur Pandor is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in the agricultural industry. He has founded two businesses in this space, namely Urban Fresh and most recently, pumpkn.io, both of which specialize in providing business-building support to small and medium-sized enterprises in the agri-sector. Fazlur is committed to realizing his vision of facilitating access to finance and other forms of support for emerging farmers and other agri-SMEs, alongside his dedicated team and like-minded partners.

Dr Elizabeth le Roux – Panelist Dr Elizabeth le Roux is a South African ecologist and Assistant Professor at Aarhus University in Denmark and a Fellow of the Mammal Research Institute at Pretoria University. Her research focusses on large mammal interactions and the impacts that they have on African savanna ecosystems. She studies the mechanisms through which large mammals (inside and outside protected areas) create landscapes that facilitate the persistence of species and the maintenance of biodiversity. Dr le Roux is involved in research projects in Europe and Southern Africa and has been a guest speaker at various universities and events.

About Tipping Points

“Tipping Points” is a webinar series for topical discussions on issues affecting development and the environment in Africa. Guided by Oppenheimer Generations Research and Conservation’s approach of asking the questions that matter, this solutions-based webinar series explores how we can step back from environmental tipping points and foster a sustainable future for both Africa’s people and nature. Every month thought leaders, disruptors, and researchers gather to address key question for Africa’s future through an exploration of African environmental research, conservation, sustainability, and development. Complex challenges have no quick fixes. Inclusive conversation that shares perspectives, uplifts African narratives, challenges conservation paradigms, and interrogates possible paths of action is critical in navigating complicated, interconnected issues. Join the conversation in the last week of every month! Find out more at https://ogresearchconservation.org/